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Zoom Anti-Ageing Package
Zoom Anti-Ageing Package
Zoom Anti-Ageing Package

Anti-Ageing Package

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Who doesn't love a younger, more radiant looking skin? Gently exfoliate dead skin cells with our Coffee Face Scrub containing a combination of coffee grinds and apricot beads while Papaya fruit extracts act as a natural and gentle peeling agent. This face scrub delivers intense hydration without blocking pores.

Gently apply our Coffee Face Serum to your freshly exfoliated skin to add a punch of potent antioxidants to not only hydrate your skin but calm redness and irritation, even skin tone and minimise the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

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Anti-Ageing Package

R 598.00


What are the benefits of using beauty product made from coffee grinds?

Coffee is an excellent exfoliator and helps in stimulating blood flow, which reduces acne and even cellulite and stretch marks. Coffee is rich in antioxidants which kills dead skin cells and removes impurities making skin smoother and brighter looking.

Where are the coffee grinds sourced from?

Truth Coffee Shop in Cape Town.

Does Blür Beauty use sustainable practices?

We sure do. Clean Beauty principles are central to Blür Beauty’s philosophy and sustainability is ensured throughout the product’s production: the range is vegan, uses organic ingredients, is committed to no animal testing which makes Blür Beauty cruelty-free and its packaging is eco-friendly by using FSC board and biodegradable laminate.

What is the difference between the Blür Beauty Facial and Body Scrub? 

The body scrub is obviously more coarse, our bodies can take a good scrubbing, come on, don’t be a sissy. With brown sugar exfoliator which helps create a smoother skin and leave a youthful glow. Brown sugar also has antibacterial properties and glycolic acid which keeps your skin radiant and healthy. Now you can have your coffee and sugar in and on your belly.

Can I use the Blür BeautyBody Oil as a Face Serum (vice versa)? 

Of course you could, but there are different ingredients specifically added to the Body Oil for the body and there are active ingredients added to the Face Serum which target the face.

Where does the name “Blür Beauty” originate from?

We wanted a name which would tell our customers what we do. We Blür. We Blür fine lines, we Blür wrinkles, we Blür cellulite, we Blür stretch marks.

Are Blür Beauty products made in South Africa?

Yes, they are all made in South Africa.


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